Block Icon

The Block Icon

A Block is used to create a level. Blocks can be earned by completing online levels and Campaign. You can also buy blocks in the Shop.

List of Blocks Edit

  • Normal Block ‒ "An ordinary normal block."
  • Ice Block ‒ "Ice block is a slippery. It is hard to control the character on it."
  • Spike Block ‒ "A deadly spiky block, beware and do not touch it!"
  • Bouncy Block ‒ "When you touch it, you bounce"
  • Ladder Block ‒ "A Ladder Block which you can climb up and down"
  • Overhead Ladder Block ‒ "You can hang on the block to move left and right"
  • Gravity Block ‒ "Once you touch this, the world becomes upside down"
  • Conveyor Block ‒ "It brings you towards the direction of rotation, You can also hang on it!"
  • Void Block ‒ "You cannot kick & jump against this block. Your movement slows down too."
  • Cloud Block ‒ "The block disappears once you step-on. Respawns after a few seconds."
  • Stopper Block ‒ "This is an invisible block to stop other blocks movement."
  • Message Block ‒ "It displays a popup message by hitting the block from the bottom."
  • Collapse Block – "The block collapses once you kick or hit it"
  • Sand Block - "You can jump higher than a Void Block on this."

Unimplemented Blocks Edit

  • Enemy Block
  • Unnamed Sand Block
    • May be an unused texture for the Void Block's Sand Skin.

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