Builder Points

When a player creates a level and publishes it, other players can rate the level by giving stars to his/her level. When the player’s levels reaches a certain amount of stars, he/she will receive Builder Points:

Bronze Tier Silver Tier Gold Tier
Stars 10 100 1,000
Builder Points 5 50 250

The player can raise his/her rank by earning more and more Builder Points. As the player earns hammers, his/her rank will go up automatically. Once the player reach the Silver builder tier he/she will be able to use the Emblem feature.

Ranks Edit

Rank Builder Points
Bronze Hammer Bronze Hammer
Bronze-Silver Hammer Bronze/Silver Hammer 300
Silver Hammer Silver Hammer 1,000
Silver-Gold Hammer Silver/Gold Hammer 2,500
Gold Hammer Gold Hammer 5,000
Platinum Hammer Platinum Hammer 10,000
Fire Platinum Hammer Fire Platinum Hammer 20,000
Crystal Hammer Crystal Hammer 30,000
Fire Hammer Fire Hammer 50,000