Bronze Hammer

The Hammer Icon

When you make a level and publish it, people can give stars to your level. If your levels gets enough stars, you’ll get builder points.

Bronze Tier Silver Tier Gold Tier
10 stars 100 stars 1000 stars
5 Builder Points 50 Builder Points 250 Builder Points

Ranks Edit

You can raise your rank by earning more and more builder points. As you earn certain hammers, your rank will go up automatically. Once you reach Silver Hammer you’ll be able to use the Emblem Feature.

Rank Hammers Icon
Bronze Rank None
Bronze Hammer
Bronze-Silver Rank 300 hammers
Bronze-Silver Hammer
Silver Rank 1,000 hammers
Silver Hammer
Silver-Gold Rank 2,500 hammers
Silver-Gold Hammer
Gold Rank 5,000 hammers
Gold Hammer
Platinum Rank 10,000 hammers
Platinum Hammer
Fire-Platinum Rank 20,000 hammers
Diamond Hammer
Crystal Rank 30,000 hammers
Crystal Hammer
Fire Rank 50,000 hammers
Fire Hammer

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