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Characters are figures used as avatar and level-playing. A new character can be purchased by the player for 100 Gems in the Shop.

List of Characters Edit

Description ID Rarity
Dude Dude He is forced to jump over blocks against his will. 1 Common
Office Worker Office Worker He is on his way to the office. Kinda tired everyday. 2 Common
Man in Black Man in Black His mission is to find aliens on earth. 3 Common
Bird Man Bird Man It only takes three steps to forget everything. 4 Common
Ronin Ronin He recently got laid off. A jobless samurai. 5 Common
Pirate King Pirate King A man who sails the Seven Seas. He got a special ability after eating an evil fruit... 6 Legendary
Archer Archer He is good at shooting arrows! But guns are more popular these days... 7 Common
Gunner Gunner He is good at shooting! But it is illegal to shoot people. 8 Common
Sniper Sniper Sniper is very good at headshot. He is also a professional camper. 9 Uncommon
Knight Knight An armored person. He knows how to use a sword, a shield and ride a horse! 10 Common
Thief Thief The bandana suits him well. He loves taking money from people. 11 Common
Dragon Knight Dragon Knight He likes jumping. Sometimes he doesn't come back to the ground after jumping. 12 Epic
Paladin Paladin A blessed knight. He is well paid and popular among girls. 13 Uncommon
Samurai Samurai An old Japanese swordsman. His special skill is Harakiri. 14 Uncommon
Ninja Ninja A professional assassin. He is good at sticking to the ceiling. 15 Uncommon
Morio Morio He is looking for his missing brother. 16 Rare
Lugii Lugii He ran away from his brother because he got tired of him. 17 Rare
Lank Lank He is looking for the Legendary Sword. Master of hookshot and bomb. 18 Rare
Popman Popman A robot of justice fighting against an evil robot army! 19 Rare
Mage Mage He has just graduated from the academy of magic. Smart, but bad at sports. 20 Common
Black Mage Black Mage He contracted with the devil to use Black Magic. Best at Flare magic. 21 Rare
White Mage White Mage She is blessed by the god to use White Magic. Best at Holy magic. 22 Rare
Red Mage Red Mage He knows how to use white and Black Magic. But not the best at either. 23 Uncommon
Priest Priest He is a faithful man. His hobby is to hunt vampires. 24 Common
Primitive Man Primitive Man He only knows how to say ""Ooga ooga."" 25 Common
Yeti Yeti Yeti likes you. Yeti eats you. 26 Epic
Cyclops Cyclops A mono-eyed giant who throws rocks. He cannot survive without eyewash. 27 Uncommon
Executioner Executioner He loves executing people. He has a sweet face under his mask. 28 Uncommon
Necromancer Necromancer He isn't everybody's favorite. A creepy guy who uses dead people to fight with. 29 Rare
Vampire Vampire He has a blood phobia. He loves tomato juice. 30 Epic
Robot Robot Great effort of humankind technology; but the design needs a bit more work. 31 Uncommon
Zombie Zombie Smells. 32 Uncommon
Cat Cat He likes eating canned food more than cat food. 33 Uncommon
Lion Lion The King of Animals. Hakuna Matata! 34 Epic
Nobleman Nobleman He was born to be noble. He can get whatever he wants! 35 Uncommon
Santa Santa The King of Christmas. He is only nice to good kids. 36 Rare
Reindeer Reindeer One of Santa's friends. He can fly at sonic speed. But you shouldn't touch his nose! 37 Uncommon
Santa Cat Santa Cat He secretly helps Santa when he sleeps. Even Santa doesn't know it! 38 Legendary
Gingerbread Ginger Bread A ginger bread which moves and talks. It wants to be eaten by YOU. 39 Common
Snowman Snowman Once the winter is over, he is going to melt. In summer stays in the freezer. 40 Epic
Frog Man Frog Man A person in a frog suit. It dries out without water... 41 Rare
Foxman Foxman What does the fox say!? Everyone wants to know! 42 Rare
Mr. Monkey Mr. Monkey Genius monkey whose IQ is 180. He is smarter than you. 43 Uncommon
Annoying Dog Annoying Dog An annoying dog. He is stupid, but cute. 44 Common
Poo Bear Poo Bear He was imprisoned for stealing honey. He will probably steal some again... 45 Epic
Fatty Panda Fatty Panda A panda who is learning kung fu. It will take years for him to become strong. 46 Rare
Turtleman Turtle Man A turtle who thinks it is a ninja. Somehow it likes a pizza. 47 Rare
Kaiju Kid Kaiju Kid He has a dream: someday, when he is grown up, he wants to be Godzilla. 48 Legendary
Drago Drago The buddy of Dragon Knight. He is quite powerful, but a very friendly dragon. 49 Legendary
Amaterasu Amaterasu The God of the Sun and the guardian of Yamato. But he totally acts like a dog. 50 Legendary
Kunoichi Kunoichi A female ninja trained in Yamato. The most important person for her is Kaguya. 51 Epic
Nobunaga Nobunaga The King of Yamato. He looks very kind, but once he is angry he turns into a devil. 52 Epic
Musashi Musashi A samurai trying to be the strongest in Yamato. He can use two swords at once! 53 Rare
Kaguya Kaguya The princess of Yamato. Kunoichi is her best friend ever! 54 Common
Ryun Ryun He came to Yamato to fight with the strongest guy. Hadoooken! 55 Rare
Medusa Medusa Gazers upon her face would turn to stone. She cannot even look at herself in a mirror! 57 Rare
Slime Slime A slime who lives in another universe. He can move and jump very well! 60 Uncommon
Fredy Fredy A big nice guy with sunglasses who swings a big sword! 61 Rare
Rubber Man Rubber Man He is looking for the ultimate treasure. He is very good at stretching! 62 Rare
Pekachu Pekachu Peka? Peka? Pekachuuuuuuuu! 63 Rare
Minio Minio Yellow small mono-eyed lilliput. It is kinda noisy. 64 Common
Narutius Narutius A white dude visiting Japan for ninja training. 65 Uncommon
Flowerly Flowerly A happy smiling flower! But he is... EVIL... 66 Uncommon
Me Me It's YOU. 67 Epic
Mr. Bone Mr. Bone He likes jokes, but it is better not to make him angry. 68 Rare
Ninja Spinki Ninja Spinki Being a ninja is not an easy business. Ninja training is just super hard. 69 Rare
Bouncy Cat Bouncy Cat Spinki's training partner. He bounces a LOT. 70 Rare
Mini Devil Mini Devil A baby demon. He enjoys harassing others, not much different than human kids. 71 Uncommon
Devil Devil Evil thing from The Hell. His magic "Inferno" can burn almost everything to ashes. 72 Rare
Arch Devil Arch Devil A devil of high rank. His magic "Hell Fire" summons a flame from Hell. 73 Epic
Cupid Cupid A baby with little wings. He tries to shoot people he doesn't like with arrows. 74 Uncommon
Angel Angel She works for God. Her magic "Holy" can destroy all evil things. 75 Rare
Arch Angel Arch Angel An angel of high rank. One arch angel is as strong as 10 angels together. 76 Epic
Lucifier Lucifier The King of Hell. There is a rumor that he is actually the son of the God. 77 Legendary
God God He is the greatest existence in the world. He misses his son, Lucifier. 78 Legendary
Beelzebub Beelzebub The King of Flies. He knows lots of forbidden magic. 79 Legendary
Moon Child Moon Child An invisible boy who came from "The Other Side". He came here to find love. 80 Epic
The Elder The Elder The watcher of Floating Island. He is over 1,000 years old. 81 Rare
Plague Doctor Plague Doctor A doctor specialized in healing pesto. He might know how to fix zombies. 82 Uncommon
Blizzard Blizzard He is a cold-hearted man. It is nice to invite him home on a hot day. 83 Epic
Flame Flame He is a hot-hearted man. You won't need a stove anymore if you invite him home. 84 Epic
Creepy Creepy A creepy green guy. He is so smelly and explodes when you approach. 85 Common
Steven Steven He can build a barricade to protect himself from zombies! 86 Uncommon
Whale Man Whale Man A big and nice guy. He can transform into both big whale and human form. 88 Epic
Shark Man Shark Man He can detect the smell of blood pretty fast! But he is vegetarian. 89 Uncommon
Squidy Squidy With his ink cannons he will make you blind! 90 Uncommon
Valkyrie Valkyrie A female-looking android designed to vanish all zombies from the city. 91 Epic
Zombie King Zombie King The King of Zombies. Oh no... he is charging at you! 92 Legendary
Android Android He wants to destroy all iPhones and iPads in the world. 93 Rare
Kumamon Kumamon A weird black bear who lives in Japan. Sorta famous. 94 Rare
Demon God Demon God "Your purpose is... yeah, to kill me." 95 Common
Mr. Vador Mr. Vador He is a cosplayer who looks like a famous jedi who fell to the Dark Side. 96 Epic
Yooda Yooda He recently bought a house in Floating Island with 200 years home loan. 97 Epic
Jibanyan Jibanyan He used to be a rival of Pekachu. But he lost... 98 Rare
Deadpool Deadpool Do you know who I am? I am a cool and cute hero! 99 Rare
Mush King Mush King The King of Mushrooms. It should go very well with BBQ. 100 Rare
Butterfly-Chan Butterfly-Chan She wears very colorful wings. She buys new ones every month. 101 Rare
The Beetle The Beetle A Neptune beetle from Columbia. He fights against drug cartels for justice. 102 Rare
Burger Man Burger Man One day, he left the restaurant to find a strong person who can eat him. 103 Rare
Alien Alien His UFO is broken and he cannot go back home. But he loves earth, so it is okay. 104 Rare
Dora Man Dora Man' He is a raccoon robot who has a round blue face. He hates mice so much! 105 Rare
Noby Noby Boy Noby Noby Boy He looks like an ordinary boy, but he knows how to make use of Dora Man. 106 Uncommon
Slender Man Slender Man He looks like a tentacle wearing a suit. Created by imaginations, born in 2009. 107 Uncommon
Ghost Ghost A white floating guy. He is trying to go to heaven. 108 Common
It It A mad clown. Kids, do not be found by him, otherwise... 109 Common
Mummy Mummy Undead! Or just a man wrapped in toilet paper. 110 Common
Pharaoh Pharaoh The Desert King. He can communicate with God and manage the door to Hell. 111 Uncommon
Camel Camel Everybody likes Camel. But he smells. 112 Legendary
Illuminati Illuminati Famous pyramid-looking guy. You can find him printed on a dollar bill. 113 Rare
Sphinx Sphinx What goes on four feet in the morning, two at noon, and three in the evening? 114 Rare
Cleo Cleo The Desert Princess. Pharaoh tells her not to wander around, but she won't listen. 115 Epic
Mole Mole He came out of his hole to get some sunlight. But too much will kill him! Very risky... 116 Rare
Die Maus Die Maus A smart mouse born in Germany. His tail is useful in many ways! 117 Rare
Xxx Mouse xxx Mouse We are not supposed to call his name. 118 Rare
Super Hedgehog Super Hedgehog He can run extremely fast! He loves to collect ring-shaped items. 119 Rare
Small Rat Small Rat He is a very scary mouse. He bullies a cat in his house almost everyday. 120 Rare
Arieel Arieel A mermaid who came out of the sea. She is looking for her love. 121 Rare
Windy Windy A twister who thinks. He is eager to blow off cars and cows on the way. 122 Rare
Mimic Mimic The Treasure of Death. A mimic often surprises an unsuspecting adventurer. 123 Rare
Shadow Archer Shadow Archer An archer who fell to the Dark Side. His shooting skill is comparable to gods! 124 Rare
Bunny Bunny Bunny loves carrots! However, if he runs out of carrots, he can get furious! 125 Rare
Lantern Lantern When Halloween comes, he snatches candies from people. He also loves pumpkin soup. 126 Epic
Franken Franken A monster made up of dead bodies. He needs to wear perfumes. 127 Rare
Reaper Reaper His job is to end humans' lives. His sickle can also be used for mowing. 128 Rare
Little Witch Little Witch She can fly around with her broom. She is trying to be the best at Quidditch. 129 Uncommon
Black Cat Black Cat A cat who fell to the Dark Side. He can cast basic curse spells. 130 Common
Phantom Thief Phantom Thief He is not just a thief, he is a magician! But be aware, your heart will be stolen! ❤ 131 Uncommon
Homey Homey Oh no! Earthquake! But wait, the ground isn't moving. THE HOUSE IS!? 132 Rare
Sushi Man Sushi Man It is sushi! When people are hungry, they can eat him. 133 Rare
Tengu Tengu His long nose and red face are very unique! He is also a yokai who can fly! 134 Uncommon
Doctor Doctor As Block Bros. World was lacking a doctor, he came here to save people! 135 Common
Red Panda Red Panda A popular guy in the zoo! Very cute and fluffy. 136 Common
Heart Man Heart Man He is a heart-shaped guy. A very realistic version of the heart. 137 Rare
Caterpillar Man Caterpillar Man His dream is to be a butterfly. He eats a lot of leaves for that dream. 138 Epic
Desert Person Desert Person He is roaming around Block Desert. He knows a secret path to an oasis. 139 Common
Mandrake Mandrake A root plant. It is believed to be dangerous when you hear its scream. 140 Uncommon
Blockman Blockman Blockman doesn't know who he is. But he remembers one word - Block Action.


1000 Legendary
Daigo Daigo It's me! 1001 Legendary

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