The Editor

Create Button

The "Create" button on Menu

Players can create their own level using the Editor. They use earned Blocks to create levels. He/she needs to clear his/her the level before uploading it to Block Bros..

Tools and Buttons Edit

Block Button – Change block/Block player is using

Number of Blocks – Number of Blocks

Place Blocks Button – Place Blocks

Eraser Button – Erase/Remove Blocks

Start of Level – Set start of the level (start-position of player)

End of Level – Set end of the level (touch to win)

Upload Button – Upload level (Player needs to complete/clear the level before uploading.)

Theme Button – Change the theme (background) of the level

Clear Button – Remove all blocks (clear level)

Play Button – Play level

Move Direction (Blocks) – Makes Block move to the direction of arrow

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