A gem

Gems are the central currency of Block Bros. They can be used in the Shop to buy different Characters, Blocks, Themes, and Research. Gems can also be used to skip levels in Campaign.

How to get Gems Edit

Currently, there are 4 consistent ways to earn gems.

Purchasing Edit

Gems PurchaseButton

Green Plus Button for purchasing gems.

You can purchase gems by pressing the Plus button on the top-right corner of the Shop menu. The prices are:

Pile (100) Bag (600) Stack (1200) Chest (4000)
$0.99 USD $4.99 USD $9.99 USD $29.99 USD

You may also earn gems by playing the game normally, but these methods require more effort:

Campaign Edit

You can earn gems buy completing the 20th (last) level of a Campaign world, at a fixed amount of 50 gems.

Online Levels Edit

You can also receive a chance to watch an advertisement that rewards up to 8 gems, varying by difficulty:

Easy Normal Hard Hell
2 4 6 8

You can also earn up to 6 gems by completing a Level without watching an advertisement:

Easy Normal Hard Hell
1 2 3 6

Gifts Edit

The game's developer, Daigo Sato, may also occasionally gift a certain amount of gems to all the players (usually for a special occasion, e.g. a major update, or Christmas), however the timing of these events are uncertain, and the amount of gems varies greatly.

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