Message Block

"It displays popup message by hitting the block from the bottom."

Block effect Edit

By touching the block from the bottom, as stated in the description, it will ‘pause’ the game and display a message, with text defined by the level creator. The message can be closed by pressing the jump button.

How to Use Edit

Upon selecting the block in the level creator, an “Edit Message” menu will appear on the right side. Click the white text-box, and type in a message as you would type a comment or chat message. You can also add a character into your message by tapping on the “Change” button and selecting one. Use the “Clear” button to reset it.

Other Information Edit

  • In the Shop, one Message Block can be bought for 10 Gems.
  • In Research, more Message Blocks can be purchased for 50 Gems (Sixth, and last, for 100 Gems) to add multiple messages to the player’s level.

Gallery Edit

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