Player Points are earned by completing levels made by other players. Depending on the difficulty, completing a level will give the player different amounts of points, as seen in the table below:

Easy Medium Hard Hell
1 pt 2 pts 3 pts 4 pts

Ranks Edit

The player can raise his/her rank by earning more and more player points. As you earn certain milestones, your rank will go up automatically.

Each tier can give a level different amounts of stars.

Bronze Tier Edit

Rank Player Points
Bronze Tier I Bronze I None
Bronze Tier II Bronze II 20 points
Bronze Tier III Bronze III 80 points
Bronze Tier IV Bronze IV 180 points
Bronze Tier V Bronze V 320 points

Silver Tier Edit

Rank Player Points
Silver Tier I Silver I 500 points
Silver Tier II Silver II 720 points
Silver Tier III Silver III 980 points
Silver Tier IV Silver IV 1,280 points
Silver Tier V Silver V 1,620 points

Gold Tier Edit

Rank Player Points
Gold Tier I Gold I 2,000 points
Gold Tier II Gold II 2,500 points
Gold Tier III Gold III 3,000 points
Gold Tier IV Gold IV 4,000 points
Gold Tier V Gold V 5,000 points

Platinum Tier Edit

Rank Player Points
Platinum Tier I Platinum I 10,000 points
Platinum Tier II Platinum II 20,000 points
Platinum Tier III Platinum III 30,000 points
Platinum Tier IV Platinum IV 40,000 points
Platinum Tier V Platinum V 50,000 points

Fire-Platinum Tier Edit

Rank Player Points
Diamond Tier I Fire-Platinum I 80,000 points
Diamond Tier II Fire-Platinum II 110,000 points
Diamond Tier III Fire-Platinum III 140,000 points
Diamond Tier IV Fire-Platinum IV 170,000 points
Diamond Tier V Fire-Platinum V 200,000 points

Core Tier Edit

Rank Player Points
35px Bronze Core 250,000 points
35px Silver Core 300,000 points
35px Gold Core 350,000 points
35px Platinum Core 400,000 points
35px Fire-Platinum Core 500,000 points