Player Points

Player Points are earned by completing levels made by other players. Depending on the difficulty, completing a level will give the player different amounts of points, as seen in the table below:

Easy Medium Hard Hell
1 pt 2 pts 3 pts 4 pts

Ranks Edit

The player can raise his/her rank by earning more and more player points. As the player earns certain milestones, your rank will go up automatically.

Each tier can give a level different amounts of stars.

Bronze Tier Edit

Rank Player Points
Bronze Tier I Bronze I
Bronze Tier II Bronze II 20
Bronze Tier III Bronze III 80
Bronze Tier IV Bronze IV 180
Bronze Tier V Bronze V 320

Silver Tier Edit

Rank Player Points
Silver Tier I Silver I 500
Silver Tier II Silver II 720
Silver Tier III Silver III 980
Silver Tier IV Silver IV 1,280
Silver Tier V Silver V 1,620

Gold Tier Edit

Rank Player Points
Gold Tier I Gold I 2,000
Gold Tier II Gold II 2,500
Gold Tier III Gold III 3,000
Gold Tier IV Gold IV 4,000
Gold Tier V Gold V 5,000

Platinum Tier Edit

Rank Player Points
Platinum Tier I Platinum I 10,000
Platinum Tier II Platinum II 20,000
Platinum Tier III Platinum III 30,000
Platinum Tier IV Platinum IV 40,000
Platinum Tier V Platinum V 50,000

Fire-Platinum Tier Edit

Rank Player Points
Fire Platinum Tier I Fire Platinum I 80,000
Fire Platinum Tier II Fire Platinum II 110,000
Fire Platinum Tier III Fire Platinum III 140,000
Fire Platinum Tier IV Fire Platinum IV 170,000
Fire Platinum Tier V Fire Platinum V 200,000

Core Tier Edit

Rank Player Points
Bronze Core Bronze Core 250,000
Silver Core Silver Core 300,000
Gold Core Gold Core 350,000
Platinum Core Platinum Core 400,000
Fire Platinum Core Fire-Platinum Core 500,000