Tags can be used to create a linked buttons to a level (#levelID), a level-group (#TagName), Block Bros. on App Store ( #star), emblems ($EmblemID) and a YouTube channel (:youtube).

Level link Edit

Use “ #123” to create a link to a level with Level ID 123, for example.

Level Link Button

Level link button

Level group Edit

A level can be tagged by adding “ #TagName” to the end of a level’s title. Use ” #TagName" to share the list.
Only 1 tag can be set on a level.

Level Group Button

Level group button

Star Edit

Use “#star” to link to Block Bros.’ reviews on the App Store.

Star button

Star button

Emblem Edit

Use “$EmblemID” to create a button linking to a certain emblem. Type “$505 to link to emblem with ID 505.

Emblem button

Emblem button

YouTube Edit

Use “:youtube” to create a button linking the your YouTube channel. A link to your YouTube channel can be set on your profile.

File:YouTube button.png

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