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A list of themes (also called backgrounds) that can be purchased by the player.

List Edit

Price (Gems) Description
Plain Plain A plain with nice clouds.
Underwater Temple Underwater Temple 200 The secret of Block Bros. is in here.
Hell The Hell 150 The underground is full of fire and hollows. Lucifier is ruling this country.
Blo Bro Desert Blo Bro Desert 150 A desert made of millions of blocks. There are lots of pyramids here.
Floating Island Floating Island 150 An island where Skylanders live, floating with the power of the crystal
Cloud Passage Cloud Passage 150 On the way to Floating Island, you encounter a world full of clouds.
Sweet Hazard Sweet Hazard 150 A city full of zombies. Do not die and try to survive!
Moon over the Castle Moon over the Castle 150 Mysterious eastern castle. You will find lots of ninjas here.
Animal Kingdom Animal Kingdom 125 Meet various animals in the savannah!
Block Kingdom Block Kingdom 100 This is the heart of Block Bros. World. Block King lives here.
Holy Night Holy Night 100 Once a year special night. May Block Bros. God bless you.
Wild Jungle Wild Jungle 100 Welcome to the jungle!
Night Plain Night Plain 100 At night it's a bit more quiet.
Lava World Lava World 100 Welcome to a hot spot!
Black Forest Black Forest 100 A dark forest at night. Whooo, kinda scary!
Summer Beach Summer Beach 100 Relax on the beach!
Ice World Ice World 100 It's freezing out there!